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Mining Equipment & Manufacturers

Benco’s success is based on more than 27 years of supplying good quality machinery and professional services.
Benco Machines CC is a BBBEE compliant (LEVEL 3), manufacturing and supply enterprise, specialising in the following:

  • Manufacturing of crushing & screening Equipment
  • Mining equipment with additional, suppliers of electric motors gearboxes, and pumps.
  • Supply of new & refurbished electric motors, fans, gearboxes pumps & mining equipment
  • Custom made specialised chemical engineering plant & equipment including drying plant & equipment, heat exchange units, cooling plant & equipment, solvent extraction, pneumatic & other conveyors, evaporating plant, chiller plant, etc
  • Planning, design & installation of custom made mechanical & chemical engineering plant & equipment in accordance with customer needs & requirements.

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Owner’s Background

C J L (Casper) Scheepers, owner and Executive Manager

Casper has more than 22 years extensive experience in the building, refurbishing and supply of light and heavy duty Electrical Machines, Fans, Gearboxes and Pumpsto a wide range of industries including the, agricultural, manufacturing, engineering, food, mining and chemical industries. He has furthermore expert experience in the planning and building of plant and equipment for a wide spectrum of applications in the above mentioned industries.

 Vision Statement:

Benco’s vision is to be recognised as the competitive supplier of new electric motors and preferred supplier of refurbished equipment, i.e. motors, geared motors, vibrating motors, fans, gearboxes, mining equipment etc.

We extended our business to building processing plants, mobile plants, vibrating screens and rotary dryers with new and good reconditioned equipment. (Our products are being backed by a twelve month guarantee)


  • To serve our clients with prompt response, since we understand that downtime destroys income;
  • To provide a 24×7 service, since most of our client’s operations run around the clock;
  • To offer quality equipment at competitive pricing, since we understand the pressures on reducing inventory and production/ maintenance costs;
  • To partner with our clients, as we understand that they sometimes have unique challenges;
  • To enhance our services by partnering with other like-minded companies, as we would like to differentiate ourselves from other equipment suppliers.

 Business advantages:

  • Benco is a well established business with an excellent track record for more than 22 years
  • Benco has a broad client base over a wide range of industries
  • Benco has one of the largest supply capacities in the industry with a stock base in excess of R40mil.
  • Benco’s manufacturing capacity, existing of three large workshops, stores, machinery and equipment of  R6mil, has not met a challenge yet that could not be delivered.

Key Business Stimulants:

  • Manufacturing industry rehabilitation
  • Export demand to neighbouring countries
  • Growing mining activities


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