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Largest Mobile Stacking Conveyor to date.



Benco Machines has just completed fabrication of its largest portable stacker to date. The unit is 36 m long and 1200 mm wide. The photos shows the unit being loaded en-route to its new home in Polokwane

Start up a mine with Benco Machines

Mining is a very complex operation. Being financially secure is of paramount importance   when setting up a mining production. The process of extracting materials from underground requires specialised machinery which is costly to acquire. This is requires a substantial start up investment and extensive preparation in order to see a notable return in the future. Another important step in the process is finding a reliable supplier of quality machinery.  Benco Machinery designs, manufactures and installs mining machinery at competitive prices.

With over 27 years of experience in the metal industry, we take pride in offering quality products and services. Benco Machines specialises in a wide product line that includes solvent extraction machines that have been specifically designed for mining purposes. We manufacture equipment for the industrial industry as a whole; from new and refurbished electrical motors to rotary dryer and valves. Go through our website or consult us about the machinery you need to start up your mining business venture. An experienced technician will review your production model and provide you with the equipment best suited to meet your specific requirements. more…